Bonsai at the Bay develops bonsai that are both pot grown and field grown. Bonsai stock trees are available in 4inch to 30inch growing pots as well as traditional bonsai already potted in bonsai pots.

What is a bonsai? Bon-sai is Chinese (same in Japanese) for potted tree. Although bonsai is defined as the art and science of growing miniature trees and shrubs in decorative pots, simply having a tree in a pot does not necessarily make it a bonsai. A bonsai is an artistic replica of a natural tree/s in miniature form and exists only in a pot or container as a work of art with expert care and manipulation of the plant. The Chinese first practiced the art of growing miniature trees. These are handed down as prized family heirlooms, so some are extremely old and very valuable.

The aim of bonsai is to create a picture of how we see nature on a miniature scale, using living plant material that has been carefully trained and pruned. Bonsai is as much a visual art as is painting or sculpture. It must have all the aesthetic requirements of a painting – composition, balance, perspective, depth, texture, colour etc. Visual impact on the viewer is important. If it looks like a real tree, expressing its true beauty and majesty, then the bonsai artist will have succeeded.

Bonsai at the Bay is not a retail / shop so calling before you arrive is advised.